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My gig got disappeared from the search. What to do?

Can someone help me? I started my journey as a seller in Oct 2020 and one of my gig which was getting orders got disappeared from search results.

I did some changes in it and then it got disappeared. I searched and read all the things I could find and made some changes in the tags and shorten my title.

This is the gig link:

Kindly help me.

When you change, you lose rank for some time. This is normal.

You should change only if you made error.

If gig is working good you do not change.

As far as I know that after creating a new gig we can change only description, price and image but tag, title. Though You have edited your gig title, tag, it will happen normally. But I suggest you that you should talk to the support team.

Thanks, I will keep that in my mind. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your message, Can you tell me how I connect to the support team ?

Do that first.

Hey, thanks for this. I did raise a support ticket by following your provided screenshots. My gig need a review from fiverr side. I think it will be in search result within 2 days. Thanks again for the help

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so, thanks.go to the help and support center from sittings option

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