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My Gig Got Disapproved, But Others Are Selling The Same Gig?

Hi Guys,
Today I have created gig where I was offering email list.
But Fiverr team has disapproved, saying the gig is illegal, spam (Fiverr doesn’t supports to sale other users contact details etc etc)

But I see others are also selling email list? Then what’s the catch here?

I am little bit confuse…


I hate it when people ask that question… First of all, where do you source all this emails? Just because someone is doing it doesn’t qualify you to also start doing it.

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The question what I asked here is not related to what you like and what you hate.
As the rules has been applied to me than it should be applied to others also.


And the question is also not related to the source from where I got those emails…

Lets forget about the email list selling.

Lets talk about those who are selling email campaigns. Aren’t they suppose to be count on the same rules? As far I can think they are selling email campaigns to their email list, right? This way or the other way they are also doing the same thing.

So email marketing category is full of rules breakers and Fiverr should remove that category.

Thank you for your understanding.

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The same thing happened to me for another different gig… Just forget about it and think of something new
Good luck


It happened with me for doing blog commenting yet others are doing the same thing and I had been doing it for a while. Strange.