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My gig has 14 impressions within its first 24 hours

my gig has just 14 impressions and zero clicks zero views within its first 24 hours …is that bad or normal or good ???
and how should i increase the no. of impressions and make it appear in search results???

thanks in advance :orange_heart:


Seems normal.

It’s not a quick win - you have to spend time on Fiverr and work hard.

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It is normal.
My Gig got 40 impressions and 16 click in 12 hours

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thanx dear, but what am i supposed to do to make it shows in search results"what means increasing views" ?? and how to push buyers to click and visit my gig???

You can check your buyer request tab for orders and can use you social media plateform to spread your gig.When no of impression and clicks will improve your rating in search bar will improved.


so, the 48 or 24 hrs rule doesn’t apply, then how could i reach that level and get orders?

Nah!24 or 48 hours doesn’t matter.
You can get order by spreading your gig.On you social media accounts or your relative.When you got few orders then you will automatically get your orders.

that info. was so useful for me,
but i’m not so active on social media, i can’t depend on it.

oh, i don’t speak that language :innocent: , but thank u very much @shoaibahmad222 u were very helpful :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s normal.

Google will index your gig on the search engine after 72 hour.

It’s normal.

You should improve your gig SEO (title, description and tags).

You are welcome, good luck :slight_smile:

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thanks @cherboub your reply is really helpful and relieving :grinning: