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My gig has 18k impressions, 26 clicks from impressions, and 41 page views,and no orders?


My gig has been up for about a month, has 18k impressions and 41 page views, but no one has ordered. Is something wrong with my gig?? :-/

Please view my gig and tell me what I should change.



I think the first thing you have to do is rewrite your headline title and insert some attracting words such as Awesome amazing, eye catching etc this is the first think you have to do because having so much impressions and no clicks means people dont feel attracted by your Title.

Tip2: your description is two short and let the readers feel doubt about your expertise in this area , be direct in your description and let your readers fell you are an artist on your topic by introducing your self in one or two sentences as an expert after show them your services at the end give them one or two reason (the benefits) why they should buy your gig, after that give them some bonuses (people love freebies) and the call to action word such “order now and get bla bla bla for free”.

Tip3: bookmark your gig url and post your link on social media, this is useful to rank

well to stay above the competition and get more targeted traffic,you can use traffup(dot)net to get 100’s of retweets daily.

This is some of tips that can get you results from my experience, if you dont know how to write successful sales letter you may buy a gig from someone who is expert

for five bucks and those five bucks can get you 100’s of sales.

Your gig is awesome but needs people know about it that’s it

I love your pictures and I’m sure your will succeed on fiverr.

My Best Wishes;)