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My gig has an error


I have five gig’s in spanish, but i have a problem.
"Your Gig requires modification - A partir de la fecha 01/01/2017, hemos eliminado la posibilidad de traducir Gigs al español. Si has creado un Gig en español en el pasado, estará ahora en estado "Rechazado"
Plase help me.


Starting 2017 Fiverr turned into an English-only website, and gigs in other languages are no longer accepted. You have to translate the entirety of your gigs into English and save them so they are accepted/reactivated.


Wow, diegow, I didn’t know that.

I wish 5r would be more transparent.


This is indeed pretty new. I’ll post about it in FAQ to help as much as I can!


Thanks for you reply