My gig has been delivered but my clock still is running


right now my gig is delivered i had send my gig to my client by pressing send and not the green delivery button so i need help A.S.A.P to stop this clock and for fiverr to knw my gig is delivered i have tried sending it again by using the delivery botton but no action when i press the delivery button




From time to time, there are glitches in that. I’d do several things to try to clear it up.

  1. Log out of Fiverr and clear your browser history and cache and restart your machine.

  2. If that doesn’t work, try a different browser. Fiverr is quirky with some browsers.

  3. If that fails wait 24 hours.

  4. If that fails contact Fiverr Support.

    Fiverr Support…


    Click, “Still Can’t Find An Answer”,

    Click, “Submit A Request”,