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My gig has been denied, and i have nothing wrong in it

Dear fiverr,

i have been working as a designer at Odesk (Fragglesrock) for a long time. I felt that fiverr works are better than odesk and thats why I came. My gig has been denied, and i have nothing wrong in it. :-w I want my gig that was denied back. I left odesk and came to fiverr thinking that the sellers will have justice. But it is disappointing for mr to say that the new sellers have no support from you all. Please give me back my gig…



Maybe you were offering the exact same gig (same image, same text) in another platform. Fiverr doesn’t like that.
Also, it could be that your gig was too similar to the ones you already have. You cannot have duplicate gigs.

Reply to @kjblynx: dear friend, check my attachment. my gig are logo designing. i use my design samples. and me concept description … not have any issue with it. that’s fiverr mistake. i already open ticket for customer support, but not respond yet.


Reply to @belengarcia: i not copied any other gig. It’s my gig. I not have duplicate gigs …

Reply to @kjblynx: OK friend. thanks for comment my post. :slight_smile: