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My gig has been denied


It might not have been your text. If you used any stock photos or clip art that could have been a problem.


I used my own photo.


Ok, so you made me curious since you said your photos were OK and you keep talking about descriptions not being copied. I looked for any cached copied of gigs you used to have (and your current ones) and I found that a large part of your gig description is identical to another user. See here:

Maybe you should just play it straight and you won’t run into more problems? Your current gigs seem to have some word-for-word matches too. I’m out, good luck!


That’s good detective work but I see the OP has a lot of reviews for his gig while the other copy has none, unless that part is not visible here, and that seller has joined more recently. So it makes me wonder who copied whom. From this, it looks like the OP was the originator of the gig, and the other seller was the one who copied him.


Some gigs lead to third party complains even when what you do complies with the ToS. My craigslist gig, which was about writing ads, was denied twice. The first time, CS restored it, but then it got denied again and I gave up.


I think they’ve been sensitive to any mention of third-party websites in Gig descriptions ever since being sued by Amazon.

Now, based on the screenshot fonthaunt supplied, this looks like some serious BS and possibly malicious use of the flag feature.


I think it’s the other seller that’s copying the description.
@nripenn in either case, contact Fiverr Support.


Google, Bing, and Facebook are safe words, unless you’re selling something illegal such as followers, likes, adsense accounts, etc.


They need a proofreader as well, I saw PDF Conversation, instead of “PDF Conversion.”


You all are probably right and I apologize for jumping to conclusions, most of you know how common a problem this is. I still suggest that anytime anyone gets a notice about copyright/copying that they check for this. CS has even less time than I do so they might have made the same mistake. It’s unfortunate that the wrong person can be blamed but to the OP - if you do the research you may be able to clear it up.


Technically several words are allowed if the gig is allowed, but I’ve seen a lot of evidence that the editors are very sensitive to the use of certain words. They do also sometimes take gigs down for a word (like Facebook or essay) even though the gig isn’t violating the rules. Sellers have to be their own advocates.


Contact customer support Hope will solve soon


Exactly same thing happend with me yesterday. My best press release gig is denied after running for few months for the exact same reason. They should atleast give a chance to modify the gig as per their suggestions.

Did you receive any reply from customer support?


First reply from Support,

Hi Nripenn,

Thank you for contacting us. Upon further review of your Gig, it appears that your Gig was removed for a potential violation of a third party’s Terms of Service. Any Gig that goes against the Terms of Service of a third party is in turn against our Terms of Service. Before creating a Gig that involves a third party services, we ask that you please read that party’s Terms of Service and make sure your Gig is in compliance with those terms before publishing the Gig on Fiverr.
Please let me know if you have any further questions.

2nd reply from Support,

Unfortunately, we are not able to restore this Gig, as it was a decision made by our Trust & Safety team. You are welcome to create a new Gig to showcase your talents. Please let us know if you need any further assistance.


Hello Guys,
Its not my first time.

My first account was disabled with 135 reviews with 100% rating.
My second account was disabled with 274 reviews 100% rating.
1st gig denied with 45 reviews 100% rating.
2nd gig denied with 2 reviews 100% rating.
3rd gig denied with 413 reviews 100% rating.

I don’t understand. What’s going on with me? How can i continue?


Think you need to ask CS I’m afraid. If you’re on your 3rd account and still having problems they may be able to tell you what you’re doing wrong.

Good luck! :sunny:


Of course, i will. Thank you.


I don’t know, but I think you should show them the screenshot from @fonthaunt. It seriously looks like someone else abused the Flag feature and this is NOT behaviour we can allow to continue around here.


I am doing. Thank you.