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My gig has been penalized

Hi all,

I have been working as a content writer on Fiverr for almost four years. 95% of my sales were from a particular gig, which was there on the high rating list. On January 6th, it was moved out of the list without any reason.

When I complained this to the Fiverr customer support, they said that’s how Fiverr works.

I even resigned from my job two years ago because of this gig and now I am in a big trouble. Did this happen to anyone else? What can I do now?

This always happen when you have cases of too much cancellation. Did you cancel an order?


That is very strange! Fiverr does shuffle the gigs around on a daily basis, so sometimes you will see a new gig placed higher than a TRS gig. Are you showing up in the search for recommended gigs?

Hi, I’ve given you company at the top for a long time, for well over a year…but my Gig has gone down in the search results as well. I think the whole thing is pretty random and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. I have only1 negative review and that was 1 year ago, and almost 900 positive reviews. So I guess, nothing can be done. Look to do something else, such as writing eBooks or setting up your own websites. Your regular clients will always come looking for you. Just relax, and see this as an opportunity to do more with your free time. All the best!

And @essyjoseph, I have a 0% cancellation rate :slight_smile:

Okay writer99025 :):slight_smile:
@trevis24 As mentioned by @writer99025, your buyers will keep following you… You will always have orders in queue from your repeat buyers…Just continue maintaining good relationship with your existing clients, make sure that you have done your best in each and every order…

I have tried this for sure and it has worked… Am sure it will also work for you

I have completed over 5,000 orders and cancelled only 250. Over 50% of the cancelled orders are from buyers who ordered by mistake.

Nope, I cannot see my gig in recommended gigs. It has been moved to the 12th page of high rated gigs from the 1st page.

Yes, I am doing that at the moment. However, your gig has not gone down like my one and it still appears on the first page.

Thank you for the reply. Yes, that’s what I am doing now.

@writer99025 are you getting any sales from new clients now?

Did this happen to you?

No, I am new here. I think I never found this kind of question before in the forum, that´s why I am following. Just so I am informed. Cheers :slight_smile: