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My gig has been removed from the first page

Thanks for response

Yes, my question is,
There are some tags like “clone website”, “duplicate website”, “revamp website”, “Wix to WordPress website”

When someone searches with these tags. My gig position was on the first page. But now it doesn’t show. My gig has been removed from the first page

I want to know why. Why my gig has been removed from the first page? Can you tell me the reasons for this?

I’m disappointed. I want to know what is wrong with me

What should I do now ?? How do I get my gig to the First page? Why was I removed even after I completed many orders? Please tell me the reason please sir, please

So now, How can I bring my gig back to the first page? I look forward to your advice please help me

I am waiting for your response

Thanks again !!!


I have the same issue

That’s called gig rotation. Fiverr doesn’t guarantee you the first page permanently. Gigs are rotated to give chance to everyone.


There are tens of thousands or in some categories hundreds of thousands of gigs. Unless you are processing tons and tons of orders every day, the chances of staying on the first page are slim. They are rotating gigs all the time to give everyone a shot. And even gigs with a lot of orders are pushed back, so no one is safe.

It’s the reality of Fiverr, you’re not always going to be in the spotlight, so make the most out of it when you’re there.


Very informative comment.Thanks for sharing with us.

Mine has been removed from first page for months now. Really affecting sales.

Your account (OP) on Fiverr no longer shows. Maybe it’s been deactivated. That would be a reason why the gigs don’t show.

Wow, so they banned him :slight_smile: That was fast