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My gig has been removed, yet another's same gig remains


So I had my gig removed due to third party violation, which I understand. BUT one seller’s gig STILL remains on here! And they are getting orders steadily STILL, even after my gig was removed a few months ago. I have noticed that everyone else’s gigs were taken off too, but this one person’s remains. I even messaged support about this, and they said they couldn’t do anything about it. How is this even fair??? And why can’t support take this person’s gig down when it CLEARLY violates the terms as well?


It will. You’ve reported it, now forget about it. Fairness isn’t a common trait in business, especially if you’re one of multiple buyers in the same category and therefore highly disposable to Fiverr. Which, ultimately, we all are.


Get over it.
It makes no difference to you, why get annoyed about it?
Why would you even bother checking to see if others have been removed? Find something that you are good at and that is allowed and focus your time and energy on that.


What do you mean they have the same gig?

What kind of third party violation?


You know, like Amazon reviews and other stuff like that that typically violates the TOS of third party sites. Stuff that takes 0 talent to execute and also calls into question the integrity of the third party site’s reviews.