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My gig has been under review for 2 weeks

Around 12 days ago, when I realised that two of my gigs were not collecting any views or clicks, I checked up on their status and saw the message “Looks like your Gig is active but needs further review from our side to appear in search results. Please contact us so we can check your Gig and help you out.”

Following that, I contacted customer support, but I was redirected back to the link showing me the message above. Should I rather delete these 2 gigs and create them again? I’m unsure of how to proceed.

Any help would be much appreciated!


Welcome to the Fiverr forum. What service were you offering in those gigs?

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You should try contacting the CS directly


Okay, so I managed to get in touch with someone directly from CS, and it turns out that my gig was flagged for offering proofreading services within an academic context. Even though my gig explicitly states that I DO NOT offer rewriting services but only work on language/formatting, Fiverr is still concerned that my work would go against the guidelines of academic institutions.

Somewhat disappointed, because I have worked as a research supervisor and academic at multiple universities for over 10 years, and also served on ethics panels…but okay at least I know! I’ll create a new gig for proofreading services and this time I won’t mention anything related to academia :slight_smile:

Thanks very much for you advice!