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My Gig has Denied from Fiverr What I do..How can i edit..?


Hi ! I Have Received Notification that my Gig Has failed CS Team review…But This one is Main GIG.
How I will edit and active my gig…please suggest me…

Thanks !


If you’re referring to your email list scraping gig, I doubt there’s any point trying to get it back - Fiverr will take it down again.

Fiverr seems to be very hot at the minute with 3rd party ToS, not encouraging spamming etc. which is why I’d imagine your gig has been removed.


There is any way to edit and active the gig again…? After removed the "e-mail " Related Words…?

is this possible…?


You’d need to ask CS about that. :sunny:


But This gig have 4 orders…So What about the orders…?


Again, you’d need to ask CS.

You’ve got a couple of similar gigs it might be worth seeing if you could edit in case you lose them too.


ohh…going to ask them about my issue…okay.:frowning: Thanks !