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My Gig has disappeared from Search Results Due to Bad Buyer/Late Order

Hello everyone, I’ve been in a very frustrating situation and I don’t know how to come back from it.

Last month I had an order which I had to extend multiple times due to time differences and the buyer not responding to my messages. The order became “ridiculously late”, the buyer then refused to give me a review after I completed the order and we agreed to disagree about me completing the order; I helped him solve part of the issue but told him to find another technical person for the second part because I had never seen the issue before.

I’ve had 10 orders from this gig wthin the last year or so, I had 100% on all of my statistics and 4.9 stars but now my on time delivery has gone down to 70%, my gig has completely disappeared from the search page and I haven’t got an order in a month.

I have emailed support and they didn’t help me, they basically shrugged and then stopped responding to my emails when I asked them why they penalise their buyers even when the circumstances of the order are not the seller’s fault.

I know my gig will reappear in the search results but I’m just so frustrated at the moment… I know a lot of people have been in this stuation as well… does anyone have advice on what I should do to increase my search results or get out of this funk?

This is the gig I’m talking about -

A few thoughts…

Your gig disappearing might be a coincidence and a result of gig rotation. I’m not being totally naive here - but gigs do go in and out of search. For example, my main gig at the moment isn’t attracting new organic orders - only returning buyers.

You say the buyer “refused to give me a review”. It’s well documented in the forums that even discussing a review with your buyer can result in a warning. Maybe count yourself lucky that Fiverr didn’t detect this.

I’m wondering if it might be worthwhile adding another couple of ‘Mac’ gigs? Some people in the forum suggest that new gigs benefit from an initial boost in the search results. Maybe ‘I will remotely audit your old Mac and suggest performance upgrades’ or ‘I will remotely increase your Mac’s storage by removing unnecessary files’.

Also, while it’s really annoying when you come across a buyer like this, it happens to a lot of people eventually. Try not to beat yourself up about it. Very few people have perfect stats and realistic buyers accept this.

Hello, thanks for replying.

No that isn’t naive to suggest at all, it may be in rotation as well - I’m just not sure because my stats have never dropped this hard before.

I didn’t ask for a review. Out of the 10 orders I got on the gig, this buyer is the only person who didn’t leave a review.

I have 2 Mac OS X gigs, both of them get impressions/clicks but my first one is the most successful.

I do consider myself a realistic buyer, I’m not looking for a perfect 5 star rating because that is very unrealistic but I was starting to get some traction on this site and I feel like the rug has been pulled from under me (like a lot of people).

I always apologise if I misread a post! So apologies.

However, I really would consider adding another gig or two and seeing if it helps. You’ve got nothing to lose. As far as I’m aware - gigs rotate, not sellers. Plus, sometimes really specific / niche gigs (such as my ‘audit’ suggestion) can be the gigs that unexpectedly fly.

Anyway, good luck. You’ve got some great feedback.

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It’s alright, no worries!
Thanks for the suggestions and the encouragement, I really appreciate it! :slight_smile:

I no longer believe this is only due to my late order - I have updated/improved my Gigs, my impressions/clicks have begun to return but they are nowhere near where they used to be and here are the main reasons why: