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My gig has disappeared from search results

Hey, I have been on the first 1-2 pages when searching for keywords regarding my gig. Last week I was getting around 1350 impressions but suddenly my gig disappeared from search results and now I have 95 impressions. I know gigs rotate and everything but thats a big change for a week. I have 100 positive reviews, 0 cancelations etc. Please tell me any suggestions on what to do as fiverr is my main income and my gig disappearing is bad for me. Thanks


Unfortunately, we cannot help you in terms of getting your gig back into prominence within the search system. We can only tell you what Fiverr tells us. In this case, you’ll have to raise the performance of your gig – top performing gigs tend to appear near the top of the results, and when gig performances drop, so do the gigs. I’ve been where you are, and the way I recovered was to continue delivering top-quality work, on time, that earns positive reviews. It also helps to be mindful of your Analytics metrics, and keep those as high as possible.

I know that but my gig was not underperforming for sure. I even had 3 orders in que when that happened and got 3, 5 star reviews after that and my gig still isnt appearing. Point is it looks weird dropping from 1400 impressions to 90 in a week when I have only positive stats.

The Fiverr search algorithm is intentionally unpredictable. I’m sorry to hear that you have had this experience, however, hang in there… if you keep serving your clients well, things are likely turn around at some point in the future.

You are not alone here. I’ve had this same experience for 2-3 weeks with my best selling gig but it is back in search (its position) now. I hope your gig will be back soon. Have patience :blush:
Also, if you haven’t updated your gig since long, I will recommend you to update your gig as well.

Quite the opposite I have updated it several times, may that be the reason that happens?

Hi George! I’ve been told that when you update your gig it disappears from search for a time. Algorithms are unpredictable by design, though. I guess they want to keep it that way so the system cannot be “gamed”.


  1. Rename your gig
  2. Try in search
  3. Rename your gig again with another title
  4. Try in search

But why? It must take the algorithm a while to index and rank the gigs when you change something. I’m not an expert though…

Did you do anything specific after which your gig reappeared?

Yeah, I update my gig by changing gig images and some new tags.

When you “edit” your Gig, it may very well disappear from the search until the editors at Fiverr OK it again. This is why you should not make constant changes to your Gig.

Also, it sounds as though your metrics are all good - but, have you missed a message, got less than a 5 star, cancelled an order, were late on an order etc? All of those things can also put you further back in the search. I think as well, if you have a constant flow of orders you are delivering, that helps you remain in the search.

As always, the Fiverr algorithm is a highly guarded secret - many of us over the years have tried to figure it out without any success - only speculation!



I have talked with customer support numerous times and they say everything is ok and there is no problem but…
No I havent got any cancelations, bad reviews etc. I even had 3 orders in que when that happened.

Hey there bro, same happened to me my gigs werent even underperforming infact some of them were performing extraordinarily well. I was getting tips on daily basis even. and still my gigs got dissappeared, i am tensed too and i also have contacted and mailed support but received no reply from them. If you got any reply or any solution them do tell me :slight_smile:

I guess one of the reasons of dissappearing from the search is that if anyone made chnages in their gigs while fiverr is doing maintenance then, they might not be able to accept the change due to maintenance. thats the reason they arent getting indexed in the search now. I guess thats can only be the reason , i see no other reason of dissappearing of those extremely well performing gigs.

yes, its a great problem .which we are facing a problem !!! Have any idea !! about this?

its important thank you . [quote=“ashiqdas, post:16, topic:354460, full:true”]

its important thank you .> Blockquote its important thank you .

yes, its a great problem .which we are facing a problem !!! Have any idea !! about this?