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My gig has disappeared from the search results. What now?

I got demoted to level 1 at the start of the new rating system and now I don’t have any level at all. :roll_eyes: If that wasn’t already bad enough, my gig isn’t anywhere to be found in the search results. What do I do now?


Same situation here. next evaluation date is March. try to keep enough rating. so level will go up.

It keeps going down. I have long delivery times on my gig because I edit books. Most of them are delivered early. And yet my rating is still plummeting. I’m so confused.

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Delivery rating depend on the amount of completed orders that you delivered on time in the last 60 days. so if you delivered your orders on time before 60 days that rating will be set automatically today. now My delivery on time is 72%. I was level 2 and got many orders. but after the evaluated my level goes down to no level ( new seller ) now I am delivery my work on time. I have to set 90% delivery time rating before March 15.

same situation here. My gig also disappeared from my profile

Which of your stats went down? If you delivered everything on time (even with a long delivery time) then your completion rate should be fine. Perhaps it was your cancellation rate, response rate or something else?

Your gigs can be removed from search due to performance, so that’s one reason it might matter what caused your demotion. Otherwise, you might need to contact Customer Support and ask them to see if your search rank is a glitch. If it is, they can fix it.

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I searched the first 25 pages and I was nowhere in sight. Usually I’m on the first or page. I get rated very high; people love that I deliver my early and accurately. They also love that I explain everything in simple terms and I give lots of examples in my track changes. My communication score has dropped but I’m very communicative with my buyers. I tell them where I am at in their book and keep them updated on the changes all throughout the process. But that rating seems to slip when I don’t have very many orders. I have had a few cancelations that were initiated by me, but I have standards. I use cancelations as a very last resort, but when buyers start to become mean, abrasive or attacking me for my honest criticism, then that’s where I draw the line. I encountered one buyer where I went through her whole book, gave her constructive criticism that was meant to build her confidence, and she blew her top over it. Some people are obviously better at taking criticism than others, but you have to have a thick skin if you’re going to be a writer. Ironically, my gig is still on my profile and it still has “best seller” listed above it.