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My gig has lost it's rank

For last one month my all gig’s impression have lost.
My gig was in the first page.
How can I get back my previous position?
Thanks in advance.

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Welcome to the “My Gig Has Lost Its Rank Club!”

I say club because this is a common concern for a plethora of sellers on Fiverr. But if you think about it losing your rank makes sense. The number of sellers on Fiverr has doubled and even tripled since the pandemic began. The search pages only have 48 slots on them. Fiverr’s algorithm gives everyone a chance to shine and be on earlier pages. So, none of us can expect to be there for long.

Another issue is where you see your gigs is not where others may see them. Some of my Forum Friends once experimented, and we found that none of us saw each other’s gigs in the same place. Sometimes I would see my gig on the first page, and my friends would see it on the 3rd to 4th page, so there is that to consider.

By being patient and waiting your turn to be there.


Thank you so much, now I am motivated.

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