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My gig has lost rank. How can I improve my gig rank?

Hi Guys, How are you all? I’m a Fiverr level 1 seller. I did not receive any order for the last 6 days. My gig has lost rank. How can I get back to work as before? How can I improve my gig rank? I hope everyone’s helps me. Thanks all.


You can’t manipulate your rank. The best way is getting orders, and get better reviews. Other than this there is nothing you can do.

Or wait to the algorithm draft you for a better placement again.


Hello, Thanks for reply. I have 5* (29 reviews). I do not understand where my problem is?


Maybe you shouldn’t only think by yourself. Did you already analyzed there are many other sellers with more than 1000 5* reviews. Why do you think your should be in a better ranking than these?

Fiverr algorithm sometimes sorts gigs with just a few reviews (like yours) and put them in the top of first pages, to give them a chance. Then later the algorithm does this again, and those who already had a chance, will now give their rank to other gigs. This is called fairness.

I know it’s frustrating, but in the past, new gigs had no chances. Now they have chances, so you should enjoy this while you can.

Don’t think that you are more special than others to get a permanent ranking. Every gig is the same, and those who will perform better will have better ranking.


Yes. I got it. Thanks


Just wait and see or improve gig on social share and get more impression then you get a good results


Now I got it, Thanks for helping me :heart_eyes:

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Yep, pretty much explained it.


Hi there @xuntes, well no need for me to add more as you already described it perfectly, thank you!!


Maybe you edited your gig, I’m suffering from the same problem tho


hey, @mamunmiah5
Now You should complete an order and achieve a good comment.
Carry on.

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Yes. Thank you so much :heart_eyes:

Thank you :heart_eyes:

ANy solution after your description edit? I have the same problem.
Thank you in advance

Excellent your suggest!

Optimize your gig in better way

I also agree with your advice. I’m also a level 1 seller. I didn’t get any sales last month. But suddenly from last week my sale is growing up automatically. Even I didn’t share my gig anywhere.


you have to do some gig marketing and time spend in forum

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How are you? This is not only your problem but also my problem. I’m a level 2 seller. I’m working here for 3 years. But recently I have faced some difficulty to get order. I did not edit my gig. My gig impression has down 30k.
Couple of days ago I got an order by buyer request and got 5* rating. But I didn’t get any auto order in this month.
I know the value of patience.
We hope, we will overcome this situation with a short time.
Please, Don’t give up.
Thank you

Could you share the better ways?