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My gig has shifted from 1st page to 4th page!

I don’t know what is happening in my gig. I’m a level 2 seller and I have 99% 5 star reviews.

I have also seen in my Dashboard:

Response Rate - 98%
Orders Completed - 93%
Delivered on Time - 98%

I’m also getting vies in my gig from Social media, from my personal blog and many other sites. But I don’t know why my gig ranking has decreased.

I will be happy if someone share some tips to rank my previous position. Thank you.

Well, how competitive is your field?

I am guessing there are hundreds or even thousands of sellers that sell the same thing with 99% 5-star reviews with the identical or similar stat on their dashboard.

5r rotates gigs on front page to make it fair to all sellers with similiar stats.

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Yes, seller no. is high. But I have 350+ positive reviews and I deserve atleast Avg. Customer Reviews section. But there also, I’m on 3rd page.

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Everyone, except 1 seller, is either a TRS or Level 2 with 4.9 or better rating. I was looking at the SEO gig category.

I didn’t see you on 3rd page. You do know its different for every person, right? Like for example, 10 people can type in SEO at the exact same time and all ten of us will see a different set of sellers.

You may be on 3rd page for you - but on 10th page for me - 1st page for someone else.

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Thank you for checking my gig ranking. I just become disappointed, don’t know what should I do now.

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You can join different communities/forums/blogs/groups and talk to like-minded people that are interested in SEO or other areas you offer. Contribute, give advice, post on recent blogs, let them ask you questions. Sooner or later, someone is going to ask how you know so much.

Don’t just randomly post things on old blogs but newer, fresher ones. It takes hard work, but this is the best time to do it when you are slow. If all goes accordingly, those may eventually end up buying from you.

If anyone ask how you know so much, proudly tell them you are a seller on 5r and give them a link.

It’s not going to happen over night, but it can happen.


Yes, I have to do on that way. I will never give up until I take my gig at its previous position. Thanks for your kind words, I really appreciate your reply.

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