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My Gig has totally tanked

I don’t know if this is simply the result of the current market. Or if Fiverr has throttled my gig down. But for the first time since I started my gig, impression have gone to 0. This is very disconcerting and demoralizing. I hope this changes.

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There’s a big debate about this going on over in the new category.

Most people agree that something is noticeable, but ‘what’ is much argued. I think it’s mainly because there’s such an enormous influx of new sellers (whom Fiverr tends to give a boost for a short time).

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What I see from speaking to people on the Facebook groups is that those with New or Level 1 status are suddenly dry and the Top sellers are having their best month ever. It’s obvious to me that the site is favoring it’s top people and the rest will have to just grin and bare it. I know that people with the money to buy in this economy will probably be on the upper end. But getting 0 impressions on gig that was doing well is frustrating. I’m 100 dollars from level 1. I’m not the only one who has noticed this.

I’ve been in your boat, sorry to hear it, my friend! If you can weather the storm, post tons of buyer requests and get great reviews, you’ll make it out the other side.

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Yes, a big influx of freelancers, since all we can do is work from home now. I’ve had friends who see what I’m doing, and they decide to jump onboard, not realizing that the market is much different now than when I first started freelancing back in 2007. Also, this is only one income stream for me, I have several others too. It’s not possible to make a living from Fiverr alone. Anyway, I wish everyone good luck during these times!

I can assure you that’s not the case with every TRS.

I am a TRS and Pro seller and there’s no favoritism on Fiverr’s end.


I’m not having my “best month ever”. I am not being favored as a TRS. Whoever it was who said that on facebook was not correct.

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As other sellers mentioned, top rated sellers are not being favored by fiverr. Last few months were definitely not the “best months ever”. For me, things slowed down a lot in last 2 years. TRS badge doesn’t bring as many sales as people think it does.

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Month, singular. This was among Voice over gigs. This was a sample of at least 20 people, not a “someone”.

I can see that there are quite a few topics here stating their displeasure at their gigs totally drying up.

You are probably correct that there are at least 20 people who have seen a drop in orders.

Of course there are - there is a very limited number of places where gigs can be shown so there will always be far more people not getting seen than those who are seen/get impressions. That’s how Fiverr has always worked and those “Top Sellers” have probably gone through quite a few cycles of dry periods and come out the other side.

Respectfully, I have found that those in those FB groups tend to be the ones who complain most and do least. There’s always someone/something else for them to blame and rather than do something constructive, they go and moan in the groups. I would suggest steering clear of them.


People do complain when there is a drop in their orders and I too have felt like doing that at times. It helps to hear that others are having the same problem. When I’ve had good months I don’t feel like announcing it. I think it’s human nature to have group misery sessions when they aren’t happy about something just as it is here on the forum.

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“A lie travels around the globe while the truth is putting on its shoes.”

Same thing goes for ‘bad and good’ news.


I have a gig I’ve had for many years that people absolutely love that no one sees. When it’s visible it does really well but it hasn’t been visible for a long time. It’s frustrating but until I figure out why fiverr doesn’t seem to think it’s worthy of more views and impressions it is going to continue to have it’s beauty hidden.

It’s not recently tanked though.

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This happened to my main gig. In December, I had no new sale for 23 days. My gig with 6K sales was pushed off by gigs with less than 50 sales in “Best selling” section. As of today, my main gig with 4800 reviews has half the impressions of my other gig with 300 reviews. Fiverr’s algorithm is a mystery.

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I see your first gig (main gig I assume) had it’s last review two weeks ago and before that review one month ago. Let me see if I can take a look and give any thoughts on it for you.
Sorry I was looking at “most relevant” reviews but I do see what you mean.

I see four orders in the queue. That gig has a phenomenal number of 5 star reviews!

That’s one of the most impressive whiteboard videos I’ve seen. I can’t see a reason it would be given less visibility.
The script and voiceover is fantastic.

I can see why it has over 4,000 5 star reviews. Amazing.

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Yes, things are better than they were in December and I have many returning buyers. Lot of months were saved by those good 'ol returning buyers. For whatever reason this gig went downhill after a very good month.

I appreciate you checking out my gig. Really happy to hear that you liked the service I offer. I can only hope that things will get better in near future.


yes I’m facing same situation, my gig down from 1st to 3rd page