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My Gig has went live woohoo! However

I don’t seem to find myself in a search - and if i can’t find myself - who else can?

I keep seeing Fiverr Pro - how do you get verified?
I’m looking to you positive Fivers to offer some guidance, am i doing something wrong? Is there anything else i can do to stand out?

Any help and advice appreciated!


So many questions you have :nerd_face: :rofl:

So your Gig will go live the minute its created! However, it will take maybe a week before you find yourself in the search as everything is lead to rankings and SEO.

Fiverr PRO - Is only for professionals and chosen specifically by Fiverr.

To stand out… BE UNIQUE :relaxed:

Ah ha! Thanks for your quick response. I wasn’t aware Fiverr chose you to become a Pro. Thanks for explaining that.

I need to stand out huh… give me ideas… my mind is blank!
I want to really make Fiverr work for me and give back and help others too if i can.

What i don’t want to happen is to sit around waiting for a month with no action… no no… must be proactive!

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By standing out you need to create creative looking Gigs and copywriting

To gain traction, you should look in “buyers requests”. There you will find potential clients which might need your services. You can contact them and explain to them how your service may help them :space_invader:

Thank you!!
Ok i’ve been all over the buyer home page and i cannot find ‘buyer requests’… i bet it’s right in front of my face and i just can’t see it. Could you kindly direct me there?
Thanks for your help - you’re a star!

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There’s a page here about Fiverr Pro with a link to where you can apply in the 1st question:

For buyer requests, click on “More->Buyer Requests” (if you’re not in selling mode you might need to click to that).

If you can’t see the “More” option, make sure you don’t have the page zoomed and that your desktop res is big enough.,

That is really helpful uk1000! Thank you!
I found the buyer requests… however no matter what word you type in there - there are no buyer requests. Is that normal?
It says i can offer 10 quotes - erm… i can’t even find 1.

Again, fabulous indeed - thanks for the help guys!

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It can be normal yes, it depends on your Fiverr level and the categories/subcategories you have gigs in and if you’re an unleveled seller, how many other unleveled sellers have sent offers to any requests, as well as whether buyers have created requests recently in your categories.

You can refresh the page a few times a day to have more chance of seeing them. I’d not put anything in the BR search if you don’t see any at all as that filters them out to only contain your search (or one of the words in it).

Adding other gigs in more categories should increase the chance of seeing requests on that page. When you advance to level 1 you’ll probably see quite a lot more requests.

That really makes sense - in the drop down box i am only registered in the Lead Generation sector - when ideally i should be in Virtual PA, Social Media Marketing, Content & Blog writing, Website design and Logo design, Data cleansing and Market Research… just off the top of my head!

Hmmmm it’s got me thinking that maybe i need to break the gigs down into chunks of specialty.

You guys are good!
So helpful and i’m going to take all of this advice on board.
Brilliant :smile:

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You’re gig is in the ‘lead generation’ category, but your images are for virtual assistant.

You use ‘we’ and ‘our’ in your profile and gig, but only use the singular ‘specialist’ in your profile image caption. You part of a team? If so, be sure to run things by your colleagues. What you put in here is representing them, too!

Always check your gig thumbnails from your profile. The black text on white is rather boring: Could you use the same shade of blue as the other images and white text? Also the 3rd image has been cropped oddly. The logo appears in the 3rd image, so the second image is unnecessary. It would probably work better as the profile image, if you’re representing a company.
Your gig descriptions need to clearly differentiate what perks are part of which package. (If a buyer is confused and there are other options, they’ll likely go to those other option, rather than take the time to puzzle out what you’re offering.)
There are a few English errors in this gig. You have Native/Bilingual listed as your language, but if you are a team, be sure you list other languages, too, if anyone on the team has a second one, and is willing to provide support should it be needed. Also make sure you have an offline list, so you can easily update if you have employee turnover.

Wow - thanks for that response and the in depth analysis you go into.
It will help me to clearly define my gigs better.
You are right, the grammar for what i’m offering looks weird - it’s because i thought it was in list format so i just listed what was available. Ideally, i should have created more gigs and each of them more specialised by breaking them into categories such as Social Media and Lead Generation etc.
Now i understand what i must work on.

You are also right, the picture is so bland… i need to step it up a gear to stand out. You made really valid points imagination7413 - i appreciate it 100% :smile:

P.S (As a side note) how can i see your offerings on the forum? When i click your pictures it doesn’t take me to your gigs - so how can you see mine?

You’re welcome, and thank you for welcoming the constructive criticism. If you’d like me to look at any future updates for thoughts, just reply, quote, or tag me in this thread.

Short answer: url manipulation.
Longer answer: Fiverr profile and forum profiles are different things, but the user names are 99.99% of the time the same, so all it takes is knowing the differences between the profile urls and manipulating them.
(You can also add a link to your Fiverr profile in your forum profile.)

Super helpful!
I will make these changes when i have a spare moment.
I will do, i’ve had a look at your gigs and may well be in touch in the future!

Thankyou all.