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My gig has won following attributes and

My gig has following attributes:

  1. showing on the first page even first number
  2. best seller tag
  3. highly ranked and I promote my gig very well on social media
    but I Only completed one order in a month, My gig is about fast English typing, I think there i is no jobs for this kind of work as people can type by own. Please guide as i am loosing my interest.

Waiting for your response.Thanks.


Firstly i would say Congratulation on the attributes given to you by Fiverr

Your gig is showing on fiverr first page that should tell you very soon you would be getting orders and in fact much clients would get to contact you and for you not getting orders for now shouldn’t discourage you because you are in Fiverr first page and that should boost you more to Promote your gig and don’t give up…

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Thanks a lot for such motivational words:star_struck::star_struck::blush:


Always welcome…

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My gig title is**“fast English typing, handwritten or scanned documents to word”** but I think people can do it by own. Am I right or not? And what is your experience about it?

Well people can do it on there own you can find a better niche to start, learn a skill and offer it

Your gig description is full of errors and bad quality typing. Why would someone hire you to type if it is bad quality? Check your gig description and correct all of the errors.
How can it be the same price to convert 1 and 30 pages? That makes no sense.

These are from your gig:
Dedicated to working until Customers are 100% fully satisfied?
Is this a question?
100% Accuracy
Your own gig is full of mistakes. If you promise 100% accuracy and you have even one mistake then a buyer can cancel as you did not provide the service you offered.
Reliable Service
Unlimited Revisions
Look on the forum for people who have offered unlimited revisions and see why they regret it - they are still doing revisions 3,4, 6 months later!
A sample can be provided first
Don’t give away services for free. No good buyer expects that and you will just attract scammers.
What??? You want people to buy from you instead of using software to convert files.


It still says “I am a very fast Engkish typist and I Can Type Up To 50 Words Per Minute Without Any Mistake”. Changing that line might help.


@eoinfinnegan , @uk1000
Thanks a lot for considering my request and spending some time on my gig. I made a lot of blunders in my gig description (I have realized now). I am going to edit my gig now with your help. First time on fiverr I found you guys who deserve heart love. As 60-65% fiverrers provide unlimited revisions , therefore I did same. Can you still help me by giving answers of following questions, please?

  1. How should I set gig packages?
  2. How to set requirements?
  3. Is my gig’s video is ok?
    ** Any other correction would be highly appreciated.**
    “No one has ever become poor by giving.”
    I am waiting and Thanks once again.
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Gig video

“Are you looking for professional for your Conversion Projects?”

maybe it could say “Are you looking for a professional for your Conversion Projects?”

It says “My Services Includes any type of file conversion and I will do any type file conversion work for you as I always provide the quality work”.

It probably needs to be shortened.
But for the “My Services Includes…” bit you could say
“My Services Include…”. Maybe things like “include” could be lower case.

And “I will do any type file conversion work for you” could be changed to “I will do any type of file conversion work for you” unless you want to say you convert any file types or something.

The part that says “and format that you want to be convert, edit, change or many more as well” could be reworded. eg. it could say something like “and the format that you want to be converted, edited or changed…”. or just “and the format that you want to be converted or edited…” (ie. removing “changed” since “edited” is roughly the same).

“Are you still waiting” - missing question mark.

Gig description
“I have made a records in this field as well.”
It’s unclear what you mean there. But if you say “a” (singular) saying “records” (plural) isn’t correct. But you could clarify - what records have you made in the field? It might be better to take that line out though.

How to set requirements

Just set them to whatever you need to be able to deliver the order. If there are any you have to have, set them to “mandatory”.

How should I set gig packages

It’s up to you but it might be better to remove unlimited revisions from them and put 5 max or maybe less, especially on the lower priced packages.

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Thanks for your time.I am very grateful to you for this honor.:blush::blush::blush

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Thank you for not only pointing out errors but also to encourage new people like me to look at what i can be best at.

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My gig was showing on first number but after editing my gig according to your instructions, it’s not showing on search result. I am worried about it. Please tell me what to do.

After a gig is edited it goes to gig moderation. If it’s been temporarily removed from the search index it should go back in once it’s been checked by the moderation team. You can check if it’s in the search index through the option in the helpdesk (where you start to create a ticket and say “my gig isn’t in the search results” or something and it will tell you if it’s pending. If it’s pending, you can just wait a day or so (though it says it can take up to 30) and see if it gets added and where).

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