My gig have 15 likes within an hour - zero order :(


I offer 60s of stop motion video (loads of work to do) and yet, I get <3 only :))

I can cry right now T^T


It takes awhile sometimes weeks or a month or two for people to start getting orders.

But I am confused by your gig. The video in your gig is really cute, the stop motion one. But then in the gig description it says to send 60 photos. So are you expecting the average person to be able to create 60 photos that are like stop motion projects? Or are you expecting people to send 60 photos of them and their friends and family kind of photos? I would like to see a video of what the basic gig actually offers. BEasue the video looks different then how I understood the gig to be. To see 60 photos at one second each of people may or may not look good, I do not know as that is not what the video is.

But the video is really good and cute, I can see why people like it.


Just send out some buyers requests if you are not doing so hopefully orders will come soon, good luck.


Have some patience you will get some order very soon. Do some social marketing. Share your gigs on Facebook, Google +, twitter and so on. Best of luck :slight_smile:


Reply to @sincere18: Yeah I am working on that :slight_smile: It’s really confusing to me too. I think I need to narrow down the target clients and divide the gig into more specific parts. Thank you for your opinion :slight_smile:


if people liking your gig its mean the need it now or may need it in future. if they need it now they are preparing stuff to send you to be used in their product you will make.

just patience seems you will get orders soon.


Reply to @strokelogocomp: Thank you I just edited the gig. could you have a look and tell me what do you think :slight_smile:


Reply to @abidagfx: Thank you I just edited the gig. could you have a look and tell me what do you think :slight_smile:


Reply to @sincere18: Thank you I just edited the gig. could you have a look and tell me what do you think :slight_smile:


Reply to @kjblynx: Thank you I just edited the gig. could you have a look and tell me what do you think :slight_smile:


Reply to @giangpiepie:

Yes, that is much better! Now it makes sense that I get the pacman stuff too and that I can send both photos and text and I don’t have to send 60 photos.

I would suggest two other things, you do not need to say that the work is “super hard”, that is normal it takes extra time. And I do not understand the whole “printed” pic thing anyway, what is that all about?

And when you say cartoon character do you mean you will take one of their photos and turn that person into a cartoon? Or you will use a cartoon like a pacman but of some other kind?

Included with ALL GIGS:

  • Only 1 Revision Each Order

    Please keep in mind that this is a SUBJECTIVE ARTISTIC GIG. If you are not really satisfied I will try to fix it once.

    GIG EXTRAS: The following work is extra, so please order that if you gig needs any of the following:

  • (???) 2 A4 (4 A5/ 8 A6) colored/ 10 A4 (20 A5; 40 A6) BnW printed pics for extra $5
  • Add one Cartoon character (created from one of your picture samples) for extra $5 +1 day delivery
  • I’ll do it super fast in only 2 days for extra $10

Also, if you have access to it, I think you might consider to maybe put in for one of your extras
- royalty free music background $XX

This gig is fine and anyone can use whatever music if they are doing it for personal use, but if someone wanted to use this video in a commercial way they can't use just any old pop songs. I'm not sure if you have some access to a few songs, but that could be something to consider. It's just an idea or thought.

Another thought is you might want to add some other keywords into your description like an intro video or a white board video. Even though it's not really a true white board (though if you zoom in enough some of your shots could be) but I think people search for that kind of thing too.

Birthday, Surprises, Wedding, Trailer, Christmas, Easter, New Year, Mother's & Father's Day, Intro videos, casual white board videos, etc., etc.

That's just some random info for you. good luck.