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My gig have no impression,view and click but i always active

I always active on Fiverr also share my gig on social media but my gig not increase the impression, view and click what can I do now. And my new also no count is any solution, please.


Are you on your gig search pages? see
If your gig search pages are missing, the impression, view and click will not increase

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Hi @rajanul234

Just being active doesn’t help.

You need to optimize your gig, market it on social network and promote it with your family, friends or relatives.

Just creating the gig and sit idle won’t help


how to see that where is my gig

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No i can’t find my gig after click the full website. Creation what can i do now

Please give your GIG link.

This problem is no longer available check it out .

Notify fiverr customer support service

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This may be because of downloading the image you used
Work to change that.


No i just take the idea but i made this using photoshop

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Is it best to replace the photo

Edit your gig…

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Only photo or something else

Change the photo…

@sldesign937 pls share how to go in search pages? Many people like me will be motivated from your link…