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My gig, How can i improve?


Hi Fiverr Community :D!. This is to ask what i can improve about my Gig?

Illustration Gig

Also to share a little something in return :). In my 3 months.

First month wasn´t getting any msg or order.
My situation: A lot of changes in my gig to often, my 3 portfolio images were Illustrations i made.
Second month Still no results until almost the end of the month.
My situation: I was doing the same as the first month, but almost in the end of the month i changed something, the “Too many” modifications on my gig, after forgot about Fiverr for a while i recieved my first order and 1 msg that became an order. Yhay!!!
Third month I decided to change a little my Gig, and then i made the decision of changing those 3 Illustrations on my portfolio to 1 Illustration at $30 with commercial uses included, 5 illustrations collage without background for $15 and 4 Black and white Illustrations collage. After 2 days i got a msg, and a new order, also my views increased :slight_smile:

Thats a little of my History in improving my gigs :3, also i can hand-draw, use Illustrator, Photoshop, do you guys things would be beneficial to make more gigs about that? or more specific gigs (Like I Will Make You Photo An Illustration)?

Thanks for reading, hope you can help me and i can help you. Have a Good day! :smiley:


You have an incredible talent. I marked you as a favorite. I bet I hire you eventually for something. Once you get rolling, you’ll make a lot of money on Fiverr, because you have a unique and marketable skill. Quick tips:

Make your sample art more along the lines of the girl, and less the freaky tree man and the upside down tree thing. The vast majority of Fiverr output is for marketing-related stuff, and marketers want cool pictures like yours of girls/boys/men/women/pets, but not so much of horror stuff.

Look at the gig art of the leaders in your category and ask yourself, honestly, how you stack up. Your stuff looks clean, colorful and fresh, but the main picture you’re showing is b&w. Is that good? I don’t think so.

Make some tweaks to your tile art, and I promise, very soon, you’ll be busy and expensive.


Hi! I really appreciate your feedback, i honestly didn´t thing how it looked at first D:, but that´s why i ask for feedback jaja, thanks for the Favorite :smiley: and I´m going to be thinking more about what i´m showing. Again a really great THANK YOU :slight_smile: