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My gig image is blurry

I have noticed that my gig images are very blurry and look low quality. When open them in full screen, they suddenly look good but they look bad on the gig page.

For example this gig image:
This is how I see it:

It is 1900 x 1069 px high quality jpg image, but it just looks bad on the gig. I have also tried to use png format, but that did not help. What should I do about this? Any suggestions?



You have shadows and gradient and to me both small and full screen look blurry but I understand that is the image not quality of resolution.

There is nothing much you can do here, this is just how the image is. Most of the people wont notice it. For me I can clearly see the edge of the sun shadow gradient, but I am in GD so…

Maybe reduce the shadow (circle gradient) of the Sun so it doesn’t go over the last layer of darkest tree section.
If it was me I would reduce the shadow all the way, only have it around Su, to make the edge of the Sun blurry, not sharp.


I can clearly see that the image is not blurry and pixaleted fullscreen, so its not about the image quality, its how it is displayed on the gig. It looks waaaaay better on my computer than on fiverr.

Here is a screenshot of how it looks fullscreen on my browser. It is not blurry or anything. (look for example on the edges on the mountains) If you compare it to the previous screenshot I posted, there is a huge difference.
Screenshot (16)

Well, I do not know what to tell you, to me that is blurry even full screen but like I said, it is not resolution that is blurry, it is the style of the photo.

It kinda feels like optical illusion since if I cut the Sun, the picture doesn’t look blurry.

I see what youre talking about. It looks kinda weird around the sun, but thats not the problem. Even the part of the picture without the sun (your last screenshot) looks blurry on the gig. It looks like a much smaller resolution even though it isnt.

Upload something that doesn’t have gradient, sharp image and edges. Just to test.

Okay, ill upload it without the gradient. Just wait a sec.

I uploaded it as a second image in the gig. I think it helped a bit, but its still a lower quality than full screen.

This is the Gig´s image used for gallery preview.



The platform resizes (by this I mean it physically creates a new file) the original image to 680x383px and this is why quality got lost imo.


I see. That is very helpful, thank you. So does that mean that I cannot do anything about it, and it will look this bad no matter what?

What you could do is for portfolio create images that are more clear and will note lose the quality when resizing, and images such as this one add in PDF form. Save your vector as PDF and upload PDF file.


I´m afraid you can not do anything with the image processing on Fiverr´side. There are different files served for image thumbnail, image preview and full image preview.

You may want to consider @marinapomorac advice but as far as I know .pdf will not work either. It would also create .jpg thumbnail with lower resolution.


Okay, thanks for the help ;D At least the gradient thing worked a little bit. :slight_smile:

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You can add more images in PDF form and then they will open as presentation client can scroll. It is one way of adding portfolio images over 3 that is available in GIG. It is PDF file so it should not lose any resolution, but you have limits on MB for PDF.


I am afraid the .pdfs are processed similar way like .jpg images. Separate image files are created and served in ul/li, but quality should be better.