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My gig images aren\'t showing up

I have three images and none of them are loading. They’re all .jpgs (I tried using .pngs but that didn’t fix the problem) and I’m pretty sure the’re the right size and resolution, but they won’t show up on my seller profile. Am I missing something?

I’m getting a similar issue on my newly created gig.

I’ve added 3 portfolio images for the gig. Originally only 2 were showing up on the gig page and they were in the wrong order. After mucking around deleting images and re-adding them I’ve managed to get it to the point where only one of the 3 images shows up and it’s the second image rather than the primary one. It is quite amazingly frustrating.

EDIT: Refreshing the Gig Gallery page in the browser and then making the needed changes seems to have fixed the issue. The (cached?) info shown on that page doesn’t seem to be the same as what’s on the server. Note that the browser I’m using is the latest version of Opera (Version: 38.0.2220.41 - Windows 7 64-bit (WoW64)).

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