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My gig imp. is going down day by day ! Why?

Why my gig imp. is going down day by day ! Can anyone help me ? How can i slove this problem ?

Here is my gig link :

You shouldn’t post your gig/link here, it’s considered spam. [Note- moved by Admin] My impressions have dropped significantly over the past month or so. A lot of this is due to the recent bad news with Amazon, kids back in school, and well, Fiverr buzz has faded a bit. They will need to do some hardcore marketing to get it back to the level it was and the Amazon news really took the confidence out of a lot of buyers and sellers alike. Stay in there, market your gigs outside of Fiverr and build your business outside of Fiverr as well so you aren’t so reliant on one stream of revenue.

Promote. Promote. Promote. Promote… You get the idea…

Impressions halved in October, maybe it was something like dtongsports mentioned, or it’s to do with the different system updates that occurred.

I agree…the impressions and gig views dropped dramatically and everyone “suffers” with this problem. It all started since October and I hope it will get back to normal soon.
But because of the changes implemented by Fiverr it changed a lot…

Thanks much for your information .

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facing the same problem my gigs impression is very poor and order too

Same thing happened to me from last month. My gig impressions are dramatically dropping down day by day till now. Its also affected my gig sales hardly.So please anyone help me with this.

This has started happening from last three days. Gigs views are 0 0 0 and whereas it was 50 views a day. One thing more noted impressions are going back 36K to 33K what’s going on? Any udpate work or some glitch in the website?

i have same problem imp,click,views are down
My gig link :