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My gig impression and click is fully low now

I am a level 2 seller… Suddenly my level vanished from search result,
I have 5 star review from all the sellers but I don’t know how I can overcome this situation.
My impression now 500-600… They were 5k-6k when they are on search result.
Please help me I share my gig social media and other things but everything is useless.
I contact customer support but they said they can’t do anything with that.
I don’t know what to do now… Everyone can show their gig but I can’t.
Why me?? Please see my gig if you can give me any suggestions please -

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Hi! Since you are a Level 2 Seller, you should know about Fiverr’s gig rotation. They do this to give new sellers’ gigs a chance to be found by buyers. But you should not worry about it, since you should have already built up a good reputation and gained the trust of your buyers. Unfortunately, gig rotation is something we cannot control.


Ok i can understand thanks for the reply…Now what can i do? I didn’t find my gig anywhere. Other 2nd level sellers are still there. I didn’t find my gig anywhere and now for that reason my impression and other things are getting low day by day.