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My gig impression and click


i left fiverr for a while because of studies and after 2weeks or so i came back to find out that all my gigs which where having high impressions rising started to decrease and the number of clicks i was having all reduced, i don know why and i want to know what i can do to get back on top


Hello Dear, share your gig on various social media as much as you can. If possible than do some gig marketing.


Good idea , Thank you.


the better way is that, to share your gig on social media, best of luck.


i am now facing that kind of problem …


please tell me more about the gig marketing


Share your gig

  1. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc
  2. Try to do some paid marketing boost your post
  3. Blog comments
  4. Find where is your potentials client (Brainstorm)
  5. Use keywords in your gig url

If you want to know more about it please search this forum you will get lots of valuable information.