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My gig impression ans click are going down every day

MY gig impression are going down what can i do


stay online, and send buyer request everyday

am always online my order gigs click and impression are increasing please what do you think i can do Thanks

Not to worry. if you give time and stay online. its high your impression and clicks.

i’m always Online & i send Buyer request every 3 Hours , But my impressions & click going down , Why ?

Have you extended the delivery time of any order or cancelled any order in the last month?

yes i did what is the solution now

That’s the issue.
And this information goes to all sellers facing the same issue.
Fiverr algorithim gives no room for incessant order extension and cancellation.

Kindly avoid that and you will never have to complain about drop in your impression.

The key is to ‘Convert every time’.

NB: This info is for sellers with constant orders.

thanks for this is the any solution to it