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My Gig impression, Click and view goes down


My all gig going down, anyone help me how to improve my GiG


Nobody can help you with that. Only yourself by doing a great job. You can search on the forum how fiverr impressions work


Do check if you are loosing the position of your gig in search.
if you are, then its time to experiment.
change one or two tags, wait for at least 4 days, and then check your position on those keywords and monitor for few days. if you are gaining, dont touch those keywords, if not change again and monitor.

Hope it helps

Keep helping :slight_smile:


I’d suggest that you actively promote your gigs on social media so as to increase its views.
Also try to update the gig description and tags and see if the statistics improve.


It’s really helpfull
Thank you


Promote your gigs on social media, Proper Marketing ,Others … so as to increase its views.


thanks for your reply


Thanks to all you for your suggestion. Its really helpful for me and others