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My gig impression click and view

My gig impression click and view. Always going to be down, i share my gig in social platform but i don’t get good feedback please. Help me?

try social media marketting,
you will be improve this problem.

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@shawon_sunny .
I have also your problem .:disappointed_relieved:

Don’t worry. You have to update your gigs. I had same problem few weeks ago. @jonbaas instructed me to keep update my gigs and make it attractive. Sharing your gig in the social media isn’t 100% effective. So you have to do something new!


Yes! Updating the gigs on alternative of twice a week is a good strategy to promote your gigs. Besides that you should know as how the level 2 seller and top rated sellers have created their gigs. Each and every heading while crating the gig, matters a lot. You may also review that does your gig has a gog video? A gig with intro vidwo is 22 time more selling than a gig without intro video.

update means can i edit something and add new right ,

i always share my gig but i dont get effective result.