My gig impression, click are down day by day


my gig IMPRESSIONS is down day by day but i share my gig in different social media like fb,linked in etc. how I improve my gig click and favorite



I understood your point of view but although same thing is happening with my gigs. I think, fiverr has too much sellers population instead of buyers. This ratio has impacted the IMPRESSIONS ratio down.



Same case with me. I am also worried.


Perhaps your problem is that your customers are not the people that you are connected to on social media. Think about the people who need your gig services. Where are they located? Do some research, and then go market in those locations.

Hard work is required. There is no easy way to find customers for your gigs.


thanks you so very much for your valuable speech that help me to get a project


yes that’s a good point brother


I’m also worrying about reducing the impression


i don’t know what happen next


Don’t depend only on online work or website. You can setup another source of income offline. Because you will not get work on daily basis. I hope you understand better now.


I am not getting any order.