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My Gig Impression,Click,views are decreasing

I am facing a big problem.
Please help me.
My gig impression, view, click are decreasing day by day.
Please give me your best Suggestions.


Those stats are falling because your gig performance is likely dropping. Improve your gig performance, and you might see a rise in those stats.

Be a great seller who delivers top-quality work on time, and earns positive reviews from happy clients. If you want better stats, you’re going to have to earn them.


Keep the Fiverr app handy.

Whenever you are out of the office to keep the fiverr app open and reply to queries you receive ASAP.

Promote your GIGS on social media with the potential market who needs services.

You can also create a blog of your services. First, write an informational blog about your services, teach and sell them your services.

This all methods works like a charm you will see the results within 1 week.


No, you cannot realistically make a guarantee like this. Success will come at different speeds, levels, and opportunities for each seller. There is no time-table for success.


for impression, view, click do promotions on social media, or may be try to optimize your gig if you’e not getting order once a week.

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Thank you Brother please suggest me plz.
How can i optimize.

It’s totally depends on seller how he/she wants work hard. Success is what a strong desire achieved.

Thank you for your information.
Please tell me about gig marketing & promotion, several social site name where i can promote my gigs.

Well, speaking from my experience. I always delivery great contents on time leaving my customers satisfied and happy. I have Great ratings also but my stats, impressions and views drop anyway and i don’t know what else to do. So I think it has to do with some other factors other than what you mentioned.

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share your gigs on social media

if we optimize or edit our gigs with similar(not same) tiles and tags of top performing gigs(may be it will work)


I have same problem views and impressions are reducing day by day
Please help

Then create gigs that raise those metrics by catching the eye of people in the search results. An eye-catching gig can result in clicks. You cannot, however, influence impressions. That is a stat only registered by people when they search for your gig in the search results, and your gig shows up in those results. Stop focusing on the metrics you cannot control, and create a gig that connects with your target customers.

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Thank you for the tips :blush:

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Alright. Same answer I just gave in my last comment. :wink:

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I’m also facing this issue repeatedly. Please help me to resolve it.

I’m having the same problem. My gig impressions and clicks are decreasing day by day. :innocent:

same here

I think there are few shenanigans that are hidden from sellers…

Same problem, i dont know what to do