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My gig impression clicks are decreasing and the gig is going backwards

If you have any experienced big brother and sister please help, I edited my gig and since then I can’t find the gig anymore. Suddenly it moves to the front page. I have completed 3 to 4 orders but I am still going backward. I have completed an order two days ago. Yesterday I saw page number 4 and today I saw page number 7.


I am also facing same problem. I have finished my all work with good review but I don’t know why my impression going downtrend.

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Even I am facing problem

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I also facing same problem.

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If anyone knows this solution, please help

There is no way to keep your gig always on front page, I have seen many TRS on 10th page…
Search results are vary according to what you search and gig positions always keep changing…

One of my best selling gig was on 14 page last week and I saw its back to 1st yesterday…
I heard fiverr gives boost to new comer, may be thats why your gig was on first page and later it has been moved to where is supposed to be.

One more advice if you want to take,

I have seen many people from different regions, they don’t like to be called Brother, sister, bro, mate, sir , ma’am so try to avoid using them…especially on forum and with clients, I personally have no issue with it but I wanted you to be aware of it !

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surajrenuka,Thank you