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My gig impression Decreases

I am new on fiverr

Before Few days I was changed gig image but My impressions Decreases and my gig is dirank!

please make A solution!!


in my experience there are three secreartes of Fiverr

one is make gig naration upto mark like Adjective+ Secondry word + primary words
your discription should be used primary words atleast 4 time secondry words atleast 3 times
and add FAQ and make better thumb nail. so try these tricks, will be inshahallah increase impressions

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my gig already rank . but after few days change gig image after impressions are decreased!

Welcome to fiverr community

after editing you gig can lost his ranks and decrease your click and impression may be it’s normal, so i always recommended to my all friends so that never don’t edit any gig,

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Ye now I apologize.
I hope my impression will return!

Thankyou for Your Response.