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My Gig Impression Down


Suddenly my gig impression and order down and i have no order in this month. please anyone help me.


Hey it also happend with me, suddenlly graphs dropped to zero, and then for few days there were no order. Well it’s all fine again. Try to update your gigs. It may help thanks.


Hi I reviewed you gig’s and seems the cover photos is not attractive I’m offering you exclusive package only for you 7 logo design artworks with cover photos each one source files included psd, for only $5 the offers are limited grab your chance now!!!


Yes the gig view analytics have been at 0 for the past few days but people have been purchasing my orders. It is a glitch.


Reply to @saryan: That’s not nice :frowning:


Yaa i think it’s a system error.


Yea, It is I seen on the search results double of the same gig twice with the same picture and title… things are messed up right now.


It happened to me too since January 13. :frowning:


Don’t know when fiverr going to fix it …


Anyone know ?

How many days Fiverr get to fixed this problem…!! :frowning:


Be patient… this could be system error


mine is just getting worse everyday. no order :frowning:


Mine too. Gig does not get a single impression and my gig is not in the search list either. When local buyers come to me, they ask where my gig is. But to me, gig is active. This is crazy. CAn enyone help me please. !!


same here update your gig with more attractive and with video. I’m pretty sure it works


my gig impression is going down i don’t the reason .any body can help me


with me it also occurred but other dates from 1 to 13 January