My gig impression going down, but i'm getting orders


Hi, everyone. I have a problem with my gig and i want to share with you guys before writing support team. My gig impressions going down day by day, but i am getting orders and my gig displays in first page. I am actively promoting my gigs on social media, other gigs ok, but my main gig going down day by day. Would be very happy to hear any advice. Thanks!


I already have video and providing free stock images! But already thank you for advice!:slight_smile:


I have also been facing same problem. I am newer but last month I got so many order and also getting lots of impressions, views, click unbelievable but this month starting all are getting low.


Wait a minute… so your gig impressions started decreasing, but you still get orders like you usually do? That means the impressions don’t affect your sales, right? Well, in this case, why worry? I stopped looking at impressions and all those things, because it only worries me without reason, and I rather focus on my orders :wink:


But I am not getting order as much as last month.


This is great idea!:slight_smile: Actually i don’t know i think maybe my gig will be canceled in future, but i agree with you, maybe we have to focus only on delivering quality products! Thanks for your advice!


You promoting your gigs via social media? Use social media and add video presentation to your gig, it is improving sales 100%, i paid 5$ for creating video animation and got so many sales!


I also want to make a gig video?