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My gig impression is being day by day decline

My gig impression is being day by day decline. Why this problem is happening.

Please help me.

This is my gig

I see you are fairly new here! Firstly, you have to work hard in the first few months! Otherwise, you ranking starts to decrease from the first page going back. (They put newbies on the front searches to start with to give them a boost).

You must look at ‘buyer request’ often. A few times a day. In fact, I looked every hour of my daylight hours. This not only keeps you online, but you will be able to secure the job first. People who look frequently are seen first when offering their services on buyers request.

If you do any other types of graphics or work, open new gigs.

Go to top sellers and Level 2 sellers and look at their 5 tags (obviously the same service). These give good SEO in the searches.

Remember, there are many people doing your type of service, so think of a unique service in your line which not many people do.