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my gig impression is down everyday. what I will do??

my gig impression is down everyday. what I will do??see here.


Well, first of all, I recommend changing your gig image. Those garish colors make my eyes bleed. That may also be something that is keeping buyers away from your gig.

As far as impressions, there is NOTHING you can do. Impressions are only registered when someone searches for your gig, and it shows up in search results, or when someone visits the category page that your gig is listed on. Perhaps you can think of better gig keywords that are more in line with the keywords people looking for your services search for.

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I think you will do marketing gig. I hope than your impression up.

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I have no interest in creating a “marketing gig”.

My on-site impressions are just fine, but thank you for the thoughtful wishes.

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