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My gig impression is fine but still I didn't get any buyer order


I am a new in Fiverr and I created 3 gigs but I didn’t get any buyer order. There anything wrong or how can I improve this position? My user name and origin name is different is this any wrong for that reason? May I get suggestion or guideline for me?


Whats your gig impression now and which category?


My category is seller and impression are 119 and improve but not buyer order. How can I get my buyer order and big impression?


Impression Means mouse hover on your gig, not a click!
That means your gig title or Gig image was not able to attract the buyer to click it!

Research more and come out with the best :slight_smile: I am sure you gonna lead the show :slight_smile:


Change Image and description for better results


Thanks for advice and guideline. Regards, Jeneva


Make sure the gig category is absolutely correct and answer the buyer requests regularly related to your gig. This will rank your gig and increase the probability to get sales.


Thanks for advice and guideline. Regards, Jeneva


Yes, I change my gig image and good resolution, so may I get now improve? Please help me any one. Regards, Jeneva