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My gig impression is good but click and view are not okay

help me what should i do now


You could take some time and promote your gigs elsewhere online. Expecting Fiverr’s search system to be your only source of sales is not a good, long-term strategy. Your gigs are a business. Be willing to take responsibility, and treat them as such.

Hard work is the only way to achieve long-term success.


I totally agree to you. without hardworking there’s no success! Thanks for your great reply @jonbaas :slight_smile:

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You’re welcome. …

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It’s my pleasure jon

A word of advice: Do not refer to people you do not know as “Dear”, especially in a business setting, such as Fiverr. Calling someone “Dear” in this environment is inappropriate in Western culture.

Use the person’s name, or tag them in the forum.

Only my wife calls me “Dear”, and I can assure you… YOU are not my wife. :wink:


ha ha ha :joy: okay it will be @jonbaas :wink:

Do you prefer ‘darling’? :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

I commited the same mistake but followed by “client” or “buyer” (dear buyer) time ago . I don’t write so since then LOL

Try working on GIG appearance. May be a professional profile picture and an attractive featured image that reflects your services very well. If you have good GIG impressions I am sure you will get clicks once you work on these things.

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Your attempt at humor is distressing.

And you have no sense of humor at all!
So each for their own way :wink:
I see you are on ‘battle’ with several posters here so who is distressing here?

Perhaps my sense of humor is a bit beyond you. It’s been known to happen. :wink:

I’m not “battling” with anyone here on the forums. I’m just a voice of reason and responsibility. Not everyone seems to understand those either.

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I am a female and dont like being called Sir. Need to update their cultural skills if wanting our Fiverr work. Very annoying.

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I agree. There are many new sellers on here who are not familiar with the culture of business or freelancing. The longer they are active on Fiverr, though, and the more they take serious interest in being successful here, the more they will start to learn and understand how to interact to their best advantage.


Same thing happened to me. my impressions are ok. but my gig views are going down.( i cancelled a order 4 days ago. after that everything going wrong. :frowning:) Is it good idea to edit my gig?

it is always a good idea to edit your gig. Keep it updated, keep it fresh. If you see things that need to be updated, fixed, spelled correctly, etc, absolutely… make those edits. Trial and error is a part of being a successful seller here on Fiverr. Keep working your gig until you find the right format, content and description that appeals to your target market.


But someone told me if i edit my gig, it will disappear from gig search.

Don’t worry about what that someone may have said. All gig changes or updates are viewed by Fiverr staff; gigs are, therefore, TEMPORARILY removed from active listings while they are being moderated. Once Fiverr staff has viewed your changes (and assuming you didn’t do anything against Fiverr’s TOS in those changes), your gig will be returned to active status on the site.

If you’re afraid of what other people are telling you, I can put your mind at ease a bit – I edit my gigs all the time. They are moderated, and returned to the listings.

Edit your gigs with confidence. If Fiverr didn’t want us to keep our gigs updated, they wouldn’t have given us the ability to edit them. :wink:

Please keep in mind, though, Fiverr does not guarantee that our gigs will be available in their search results. So it is unwise to expect that your gigs will be easily found in the search results. You shouldn’t be running your business from the search results to begin with. Diversify how your gigs can be found – and this includes off-site marketing and promotion.


Thank you Jonbaas! Updated one gig!

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You’re welcome! …