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My gig impression is not increasing

Hi I am Joy. I have created a gig after deleting an old gig which was getting low impressions . But after creating new gig the result remains same . What should I do. Please some one help.


Before make a gig you have to follow some tips. make proper gig with good title, seo description, eye-catching image.

Follow this step Before making a gig:

  1. Unique title
  2. Proper keywords selection
  3. Proper gig SEO
  4. Create an eye-catchy Gig image

After Published the Gig follow this step:

  1. Be active on Fiverr
  2. Send 10 buyer request everyday
  3. Share your gig on social media

Hopefully, your gig impressions and click will be increased. Thank you


I have done all these but still it got only 1 impression in 1day

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Kindly can you look what’s wrong with it ? if you have time.

Try to make more eye-catchy gig images.

Put at least 3 jpeg image and 2 pdf on your gig
If you can make a gig video it would be helped you a lot to get more impression and click

Same here bro. :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: