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My gig impression is very bad

My gig impression is very bad. How can it be very improved?


Who cares about Impressions. You want sales.

Of course if Impressions are low it makes it harder but that is what this whole thing is about.

Maybe do a bit more research. This is a marathon not a sprint. Read, learn, change, grow.



I’m also agree with @benedictrm .
This is a marathon not a sprint race. It’s true but to win this you have more patience that no one have in this marathon. After that you will be the winner.
Good Luck.


I have also opened 4 gigs but impressions are falling day by day. I keep my patience and hope for someday I will get my orders keep on coming. In the meantime I keep sending buyer requests and keep learning new things related to my gig.


Yes, hope the very thing that made Richard Branson rich enough to buy islands.


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  1. Create unique and eye catching gig thumble. SEO
    3.share social media
    4.connect online most of time
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  1. You can create a professional and SEO friendly gig thumble.

  2. Create a Portfolio

  3. Social Media Marketing

  4. You can try Maximum time active in Fiverr

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What is consistent activity on Fiverr??

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Yah. I appreciate your opinion. Thank you.