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My Gig Impressions are about to Die

I am a level one seller. My gig impressions are continuously falling down and it’s now about to become at very low level. Why is it so? No orders, No messages from the last week. I am worried about my profile. Any solution or Should I wait for sometime?


Hello mate! We are in the same situation. I’ve received no messages during the last week and my impressions are steadily slowing down. This situation is struggling. I don’t understand the reason because this is happening.


Me too mate. I thinks it started last week. I don’t understand what’s happening. Everyday my impressions are going down.


Now I can conclude I’m not the only one. Several sellers have gone through this lately and I blame Promoted Gigs.

I’m not against them, in fact I am using Promoted Gigs, outbidding the suggested amount and setting my daily max to something generous, and still no clicks, no traffic, no messages, no orders and no revenue.

I even brought new clients to Fiverr to help me with traffic, completed those orders and nothing happened.

In short, my friend, I don’t know what’s causing this but it sure is ending many careers.


Same here! I’ve outbidded the suggest amount per click and set a considerable amount as daily budget, but it is not bringing to my gig the expected results by registering a daily falling in terms of impressions.

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I don’t know the reason, why this is happening?

Here is what CS said about the issue.

Not only “lately”. For the past few years every single month people come and complain about it.
Though the system works as intended with rotating gigs and giving a chance to everyone.


Me too, I updated the thumbnails 2 days ago, got no impression after that.

Yes, as @mariashtelle1said, this has been going on for a very long time, not just recently. Eoin has some good advice from way back in 2017.


Same here, 45 days no new messages. TRS. Its time to move my services on other platforms.

That is interesting, because you seem to be in a specialized niche with much less competition than most.