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My gig impressions are "decreasing" day by day.How and Why?


Hi, once my gig’s impressions were about 100, then they hit 67 directly!!
And then 60!! What’s going on…? :disappointed_relieved:


Well, clearly, 40 fewer people have seen your gig in the search results or your gig’s Fiverr category. It happens… regularly too, I might add. Apparently, fewer people are searching with keywords you chose for your gig. Perhaps now is a good time for you take responsibility for your success, and start marketing and promoting your gig.


Promoting your gig should improve your gig impression.


No, it won’t. Impressions are only registered from on-site traffic when a buyer conducts a search and a gig shows up in that search, or when a buyer loads a category page that features a gig cover image.

If you market and promote a gig, bringing in your own traffic has absolutely NOTHING to do with impressions. Please do not give advice unless you know how Fiverr works.