My gig impressions are dropping real fast


So last month was smooth and sales were coming in. Suddenly, it stopped. I mean it just stopped like it ran out of gas. Well, I joined the queue of fiverr believers. I began to believe that it will bounce back. Now the clicks, views and impressions are dropping down like they are falling off Mt. Everest. Gig has disappeared into the Bermuda Triangle and CS has refused to make use of their satellite in helping me find a solution. I seriously just want to make common sense.


Don’t worry, we are sinking.



The forum is full of posts like this. You are not alone!


Have you tried changing your keywords? I was having the same problem and did it and it seemed to have worked… There’s a post about that somewhere… Best of lucks!

this one Search Tags - Update


Same thing with me :sweat: dunno what happened


I really believe it is because of fiverr or believes that they can charge the extra dollar for anything about $5 and 5% of anything over $20 give or take. People will go elsewhere to hire contractors. This website is called Fiverr, not sixrr. Just adding a fee to the purchaser is lately wrong no business that I have seen charges an extra fee while processing the funds. PayPal doesn’t do it credit cards don’t do it, retail stores don’t do it, mom-and-pop stores don’t do it. Casinos don’t do it so it should not be allowed for Fiverr to sneak in the extra fee when people are buying credits to pay for services


also I have the same problem


also I have the same problem


Also I have The Same problem ,


Dont Worry , Everything will be fine , Change the title and images and description of your gig to get best Result , Best of luck :slight_smile:


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