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My gig impressions are getting low! What should I do?

After getting my Level-1 seller badge, I’ve noticed that my gig impressions are getting lower day by day. I’m staying online for at least 18-20 hours a day and sharing it on social media like Linkedin, Google+, Facebook etc. What should I do to raise my impression again?? Also, I haven’t been getting any orders too!
Please give me solutions!

I have heard from some other sellers as well here that their impressions go down after hitting level 1, many say the other way round, they claim that theirs have gone up.

It is just random. One thing is for certain that you were receiving more impressions from the Fiverr search than your Social Media campaign, and your niche is one of the most competitive here. Hence, you need to better your ways to promote your Fiverr profile on Social Media.


This is due to increasing your gigs . This status show overall gigs impressions :slight_smile:


I’m promoting them as much as I can!! Can you suggest some effective ways to promote gigs??

I didn’t increase my gigs. I have only two gigs in my profile and that’s it!

Blogging. (20 characters)

I have no idea about any effective blogging sites. But thanks for suggesting! I’ll look into it! :smiley:

Custom gig requests. The more gigs you complete the higher you climb up the searches. Your conversation rate also seems to be quite low. That could factor into your placement.


Yes, you’re right. Currently, I’m not getting any orders. just sending more and more offers to buyer requests. I need to step up my game!

Hello everyone, though I’m new in fiverr, I set up my 3 gigs in last 10days, I have not able to make any sale or convert a single customer since I joined fiverr, that is not the issue for now.
My concern here is as im reading this story of “impression are getting low, what should I do” as a newbie I studied every advise and they were encouraging because I’m having similar issue in my account , initially my “view and click” were 40 each respectively and my impression is getting higher but all of a sudden i noticed it began to drop gradually to 7&5, with all advise have read I know I just need to put more effort cuz there is no cause for alarm.
Thanks all


Don’t worry, if you’ve only just set up your gigs, then changes in impressions will change.

In order to get well known, I suggest going to “buyer requests.” This way you can offer your services to people that need it and then get some orders and good reviews for your gigs. This will make you more reputable in the eyes of buyers and increase your sales.


Totally agree with it. I used all of my daily 10 buyer requests chance and got good reviews along with it. It raised my impression very high. Also, you can share it in social media platforms.

But in my case suddenly it’s not working. Right now I’m looking into that “blogging” idea I’ve got from this post. But it may take some time for me to get my game up!


Well understood, I will act on it fast. Thanks.

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