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My Gig Impressions are showing red mark

Hello dears,

I am new seller here and one of my gig analytic is showing red mark in the IMPRESSIONS field.
I couldn’t understand why it shows the red mark.

Now I am looking for, Why this red mark is showing and Is it harm my gig ranking?


Please help me


I am not fully may be when the impression decreases then it shows red marks.

It means your impressions are decreasing. Green upmark means its increasing


Hi @onedna
If my gig impressions are decreasing then what should I do to reduce this problem.

I think Gig impressions red mark solving way is share in social media.Then solving this problem.


Yes. @onedna is absolutely right.

Don’t worry .It’s Small Gig Impression Low Alert :hushed:

@sumaiyanasrin78 her suggestion is fully right. I add something

  1. You should share your gig in social media account like Facebook, twitter, google plus.
  2. See your gig tags popularity
  3. Awesome titles
  4. Best description without grammatical errors
  5. Select best image for gallery section.
  6. Smilling face and professional face upload as your profile picture.
  7. Specify your gig description about your service.
    Please follow the instruction, research more and more. I hope your gig rank and all issue like click, impression, view increase day by day. I hopeful you get more and more order also.
    Thanks @graphicsdunia::slight_smile:

@paritoshcpo you can choose social media to share your gig.
@graphicsdunia has also added valuable tips


Welcome to Fiverr. Just type “gig impressions” in the search bar above and you will find lots of helpful posts on the subject.


@sumaiyanasrin78 All the views, clicks and impressions are gather from different social medias because I just share my gig only social media.

All the traffic are from there but even it increasing with the red mark.


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Thanks for your effective response.
All that things are maintained but eventually this problem happens.
One thing is in my mind, there is only one gig in my account is it effect on this ???

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Your clicks and views are up, and that’s what matters. Impressions are not important.

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Thanks for your reply, But some one told me that only gig impressions are the main fact to rank any gig with perfection.

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Somebody told you wrong. What matters are orders. And to get orders, you need to get clicks. I’d rather have 10 clicks and 10 impressions than 9 clicks and 1000 impressions.

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@paritoshcpo you are bit right. You should try to create at least 5+ gig. You should mind when you create a gig:

  1. Unique gig
  2. Value of gig
  3. Demand more gig
  4. Same quality or almost same service but fully not same gig
  5. Titles should be small but effective
  6. You can see Top rated seller gig for making your gig. But don’t copy.
  7. Awesome gallary pic.
  8. Social media sharing
  9. Active more time in Online.
  10. You must send 10buyer request always

@paritoshcpo How you imagine you maintain all my suggestion. Example: your profile picture is more professional but your face is mood off. Please upload a photo of happiness mood photo. You can see the pic of Mark Zukerbargh as example. You can see the top rated seller gig for your idea or research.